More Wine Please


I would've never found this festival, if not for my Italian connection ;)...Tucked up in the mountains of the Basilicata Region, Vaglio Basilicata put on a PERCORSO ENOGASTRONOMICO (Or Wine Tasting Event) in the beginning of August. There you can buy a 2 euro bracelet to sample the wines from the local Cantinas. But, in order to find these Cantinas you must navigate, not only the narrow and steep streets but, also the sea of people.  If not for the crowd of young people outside each cantina, you might just pass one by! Inside the Cantina's is equally as crowed with people all trying to get a sample of wine (or 20 samples or to fill a water bottle with wine).  There was also a variety of local foods to try, beer to taste, and music to dance to. The event seemed to take over the entire town!