A unique and totally awesome maternity photoshoot ;)

This crossfit mother-to-be wanted to capture her pregnancy in a different way. This little bundle of joy is bound to be the next Crossfit Champion!!

B&W photo assignment

After close to 2 years I finally decided to post this collection. Photos were taken last darkroom photography class while attending Temple Rome. I wanted to capture the reality of Italian food culture from the friends and family I spent time with. Although, the big plates of pasta is still something true..just minus the spicy meat-a-balls... 

This collection was displayed at the Global Temple Conference in  November 2014 

Source: http://www.karaforan.com/primo-piatto-primo-amore/

JFK -Milano


My trip to Italy started on my arrival in Milan. It was first time in Milan and I had a few hours to kill before getting on the train to my next destination.

To the Cattedrale, I went.

As I wondered off I was intrigued by the amount of wires hanging from street to street and excited by the lack of hills that I normally find in Rome!